Russian BioManufacturer
of flavonoid Taxifolin
and Arabinogalactan


Robios Ltd is Russian bio-manufacturing company based in city of Serpuhov, 80km away from Moscow. We specialize on extraction of dihydroflavonol called Dihydroquercetin (also known as DHQ, Taxifolin) from frost-hardy tree native to western Russia named Siberian larch. Dihydroquercetin is a the most powerful natural antioxidant.



Benefits of DHQ have been shown in over 600 clinical trials in the last 50 years:


  • free radical scavenging and protection from oxidative damage

  • supports microcirculation flow and capillaries strength

  • supports red blood cells safe and elasticity

  • supports healthy LDL levels in the liver and serum

  • supports healthy cholesterol levels

  • diabetic safe

  • supports healthy allergen and inflammation response

  • supports the immune system


DHQ have many areas where it can be used efficiently.


  • Food production

  • Cosmetics

  • Animal Feed

  • Agriculture


Apart from Health products, DHQ have many other areas where it can be used efficiently.


Food production

  • The use of Dihydroquercetin (Taxifolin) in food products is determined by its ability to reduce the oxidative reactions and to strength capillaries and by its pronounced P-vitamin activity. The utilization of these properties can be beneficial in two directions: а) as an antioxidant, Dihydroquercetin (Taxifolin) can reduce lipid peroxidation, with the consequent prolongation of food products’ shelf life; and b) because of its capillary-strengthening properties and P-vitamin activity, Dihydroquercetin (Taxifolin) can be used for functional products that are aimed at enhancing health.Dihydroquercetin (Taxifolin) is used for manufacturing of the dairy products, meat products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, confectionary, and products of functional nutrition.


Animal Feed

  • Addition of DHQ to feed of poultry, piglets and calves act as an antioxidant for fats and oils contained in the feed, and affected a decrease of losses in production herd in poultry farming and animal husbandry; allowed decreasing the level of the use of hormonal and anti-bacterial drug products tending to accumulate in organisms of poultry and animals, which leads to negative effects on health of people consuming this meat.











  • DHQ can be utilized in cosmetics, specifically to preserve raw material,
    oil and fat components, finished products; render therapeutic effects to products.
  • Enhance protective functions of the skin against external and internal toxicity,
    radiation, germs, and other environmental factors; normalize general metabolic
    processes through topical application, those in lymphatic and blood system;
    renew skin and slowing skin aging.
  • Reduce the use of chemical substances in cosmetic products.



  • DHQ as a plant growth regulator considerable decreases of agricultural crops diseases
    in case of seeds treatment, increases productivity of cereal crops by 15-40%,
    vegetables — by 12-37%, fruits and berries — by 10-30%.
  • At the same time the quality of the mentioned crops is scientifically increased, gluten
    content is increased in wheat, vegetables, greens and herbs; vegetables become more
    resistant to typical and un-typical diseases; fruits ripen with larger size; vitamin-mineral
    composition is richer; the application of herbicides is radically reduced, for the most
    vegetables and herbs almost zero application of herbicides, which is as well positive
    for human health.
  • DHQ in fertilizers improves the nutritional and energy value in fertilizers, decreases
    the application dosage, supports and strengthens the roots of vegetables and herbs,
    better absorption of nitrogen, CO2 and the final yield.