cosmetic industry


Larch Arabinogalactan (known also as Galactoarabinan) in cosmetics.

Cosmetic industry is the one of the number of perspective directions for application of arabinogalactan. In cosmetic industry arabinogalactan is used as adjuvant in production of creams for skin care, shampoos, lotions, etc.

Having the water-holding properties arabinogalactan decrease the loss of transepidermal water in conditions of dry climate, keeping the moisture and improving the skin nutrition and decreasing the signs of exfoliation. Inorganic pigments and sunscreens in combination with larch arabinogalactan exhibit faster particle dispersion, better suspension, greater loading capacity, forms more uniform dispersions and contributes to higher SPF ratings in formulations containing inorganic sunscreen active ingredients. The addition of larch arabinogalactan to a wide variety of emulsion formulations improves uniformity. As arabinogalactan is good stabilizer it could be used to increase the stability of emulsions of cosmetic products. The use of arabinogalactan in solid-phase agents of the therapeutic cosmetic promotes the deep penetration of bioactive supplements into a skin and increases the blotting capacity.