Arabinagalactan VitaRost

Arabinogalactan VitaRost new package! Convinient 200gramms pack, for 3 weeks+.

Robios Llc is a Russian manufacturer of bio active supplements extracted out of Larch trees. Due to world pandemia of coronavirus at the moment, we decided to give our buyers a convinient tool, that would help to boost their immune system. Larch Arabinogalactan (AG) is a known as a 100% natural Immune Stimulator. It has been clinically tested and it is proofed its effectiveness. You can have a look on various studies on AG on our site, please visit “Clinical Researches”. Anyway, this product can really have a positive effect on human immune system, and 200 grams should be enough for 3-5 weeks. Russian recommendations are 10 grams daily, western recommendations are about 4,5 grams daily. The AG is completely soluble in water. We recommend boiling water as it dissolves faster in hot water. The course should be enough to enhance the work of immune system and it should stay in good shape even when you finish the course. With strong immune system we have lesser chances to catch any infections, including coronavirus and common cold.