Block Chart of production of DHQ (Taxifolin)

How Dihydroquercetin (DHQ, Taxifolin) is manufactured

The raw materials for extraction of DHQ are roots of Siberian and Dahurian Larix trees. Those roots (specially selected onces) are being gathered by our contractors from selected sites from republic of Yakutia, East Siberia and being sent to our manufacturing site at city of Serpuhov, 80-km from Moscow.

Main stages of production process:

  1. Find and select appropriate larch trees on sites at Yakutia.
  2. Gather it and send it to our production site at Serpuhov.
  3. Bark is being taken off. Larch is being carved.
  4. By innovative method, ethanol extraction is used. DHQ and Arabinogalactan are extracted.