About Dihydroquercetin (DHQ, Taxifolin)

  1. Dihydroquercetin (also known as DHQ and Taxitolin) belongs to an extensive class of bioflavonoids (group of dihydroflavonoids), which plays an important role in the process of biosynthesis and responsible for the emergence of the related structures of the class of flavonoids. Therefore DHQ is present in many higher plants, including cultivated agricultural crops. In agricultural products DHQ is present as a glycoside, in which a molecule is connected with a particular type of saccharide. Its biological activity is less than the activity of DHQ molecule, which doesn’t have any glycoside connection.

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DHQ by ”Robios” is a monocrystal product, derived by the method of water-ethanol extraction with maintenance of the required temperature throughout the production cycle. Roots of Siberian and Dahurian larch are used as a raw material for the process of extraction.

DHQ (Taxifolin) has become well known in the scientific circles of different countries of the world, mainly in the USA, Canada, European countries, Japan and certainly in Russia, which has begun the commercial history of the product.

The efficiency of DHQ as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, which is able to increase the survival of cells, has been proved by numerous clinical trials on human cells. Recent trials show that DHQ acts as an agent, that provides the production of special anti-aging proteins. The main significance of DHQ is in its ability to influence the metabolism through the effective work with enzyme systems, including the DHQ metabolites DHQ (trade name is “VitaRost”), produced by Robios, has the following possibilities:

DHQ “VitaRost” (Dihydroquercetin, monocrystal) – is an effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance, that interrupts the process of lipid peroxidation in cell membranes. DHQ is able to penetrate into cell’s cytoplasm and protect the cell from damaging effect of free radicals. It also effectively corrects violations in different parts of an antioxidant system of the human organism. DHQ provides a comprehensive antioxidant protection of an organism and an active prevention of the development of oxidative stress. It helps to avoid degenerative-dystrophic processes in tissues and early cellular aging. DHQ allows effectively resist to many destructive factors- the factors of ecology, nutrition and lifestyle. DHQ gives a synergetic effect to ascorbic acid and to vitamin E (ITS) – a membrane antioxidant. It promotes ( especially in combination with ascorbic acid) regeneration of the active form of Vitamin E (ITS) and prevents the formation of tocopherylquinone.

Many environmental factors can threaten immunity and human health in general. Our everyday life is full of stress, lack of sleep etc. DHQ “VitaRost” (Dihydroquercetin, Taxifolin) by “Robios” is derived to maintain the healthy balance in the human body.

Modern lifestyle implies that a clear mind is as important as a healthy body. We should realize that the impact of food on the development and improvement of cognitive function covers the entire range of demographic segments, including teenagers, adults and elderly people. In such a way, these people should eat food, which can help to improve their health and cognitive abilities. DHQ “VitaRost”- is a right choice. The brain is particularly vulnerable to the effects of free radicals, developed in the process of metabolic transformation. According to the clinical trials people, who eat food with low content of valuable antioxidants, have risks of Alzheimer’s disease and reduction of cognitive abilities. DHQ “VitaRost” will help to provide a sufficient daily amount of effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

Proper nutrition is the basis for good health, while poor nutrition causes many diseases, such as cancer, respiratory and heart diseases, diabetes, etc. These diseases are generally associated with improper nutrition and cause 63% of all fatal cases. DHQ “VitaRost” can be used for health care by people of all age categories.

  • DHQ “VitaRost” by Robios supports microcirculation flow and capillaries strength.
  • DHQ “VitaRost” helps to resist negative external factors, stress, that lead to irreversible inflammatory reactions in the body and cause the growth of free radicals.
  • DHQ “VitaRost” promotes the maintenance of energy resources, restrains the accumulation of exchange products, maintains the integrity of functional structures, overcomes neuro-psychological overloads.
  • DHQ “VitaRost” provides fully sustained positive emotional and psychological mood and physical basis. It improves psychological parameters and influences on exchange processes by stimulating own functional systems, including human’s antioxidant defence.
  • DHQ “VitaRost” improves general state of health-reduces or even eliminates shortness of breath, normalizes blood pressure, improves sleep, increases tolerance to physical activity, improves recovery after a long-term activity in athletes.