Wood Flour

Wood flour, wood chips

Scope: Wood flour can be used as:

  • base for thermoplastic wood-polymer composites (WPC),
  • a smoking agent for fish and meat,
  • additive for fired ceramics and bricks,
  • additive for adhesive compositions based on natural and synthetic adhesives,
  • an additive to plaster and finishing construction mixtures (dry mixes),
  • mortars, pastes; concretes, putties, etc.,
  • an additive in porous abrasive products,
  • raw material for production of activated coals,
  • raw material for obtaining active wood extracts and extracts (oak, fir, juniper, etc.),
  • base for press powders and compounds based on thermosetting resins (phenolics, etc.),
  • additive to compounds based on epoxy, polyester, etc. resins,
  • base for xylolite (wood composite material on magnesia binder),
  • component in the production of pigmented titanium dioxide,
  • component and raw material for the production of various explosives,
  • filler in the production of adhesive mastics and sealants (parquet, roofing materials, etc.),
  • base for filters and filtering materials,
  • additive in the production of steels and ferroalloys,
  • an additive to molding sands for the production of foundry molds,
  • additive to drilling muds and plugging materials used in oil production,
  • raw material for production of sorbents, including for removal of oil pollution from roads, water reservoirs, etc.
  • additive in concrete and plasterboard, concrete and composite road surfaces,
  • a cleaning agent in the leather and fur industry,
  • soft grinding, polishing and cleaning agent in metalworking, e.g. in the manufacture of hardware and bearings, fittings, etc. (deburring),
  • a loosening agent to improve the structure of heavy poor soils in crop production (together with chalk and other limestone),
  • base of substrates for industrial cultivation of mushrooms,
  • base for the manufacture of pet products (sorbent bedding),
  • additive in some mixed fodders,
  • an additive for coating welding electrodes (electrode cellulose),
  • filler for natural and synthetic linoleum and Lincrusta.

Raw material used: Wood flour is a powder resulting from the grinding of sawdust.

Safety: Safe

Composition: Wood flour from Daurian and Siberian larch

Packaging: 10 kg bag