Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Robios-Clients LLC applies to the confidentiality of data of companies representing the interests of the company’s clients, both for the transfer of dangers of types of services, and for other interactions, as a rule, in accordance with the protocol, as well as when concluding an agreement on shares, located in the technical support of the company and customers. warranty service.

Robios LLC exercises for itself the rights to apply changes and additions to the current provisions of the Privacy Policy, while these changes and additions take precedence over the application and provisions of the Policy. We pay attention to interests, suspicious interests. In such cases, Robios LLC does not require the presence and participation of participants in the Privacy Policy of any company involved.

By providing Robios LLC with their personal data, the client gives full consent to their processing in the ways provided for by the current provisions of the company’s Privacy Policy.

The procedure for collecting, storing and destroying personal data Robios LLC collects personal data only with the consent of the user and solely to provide the client with a service or service that requires private information: purchase in an online store, participation in promotions, warranty and service. To prevent the leakage of the client’s personal data, Robios LLC uses a full range of information security measures (technical and organizational).

The maximum period of storage of personal data of the client is 75 years from the moment the company receives private information. In other cases, the company retains the personal data of the client until the termination of its activities. Destruction, depersonalization or blocking of personal data or part of the client is carried out to exclude the possibility of further processing of this information.


Robios LLC may collect personal data of the client in the following categories:

Technical information:

● access time and IP address;

● sources of transition to the company’s Internet resource;

● Internet pages visited by the user;

● views of advertising banners;

● other technical information provided by the user’s browser;

● client’s phone number (in case of a call to the numbers listed on the company’s website).


When registering on the website and, owned by Robios LLC, the company collects the client’s personal information necessary for user authentication / personalization of services / order delivery / feedback from the client:

● username;

● e-mail, phone number and address (in case of delivery of goods to any address);

● password for personal account.


Information about user actions:

● information about agreements/contracts between the client and the company;

● information about inquiries and appeals sent to the company;

● data on goods purchased by the client and services that the client used;

● payments made and other financial information provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.


Purposes of processing personal data of clients of Robios LLC:

● sale of products and provision of other services to the client;

● taking into account client wishes (when developing a new product or service);

● informing the client about promotions, discounts and special offers through electronic and SMS mailings;

● implementation of customer feedback.


Robios LLC does not provide personal data of customers to third parties, except for the following cases:

● obtaining the direct consent of the user to the transfer of his personal data to a third party;

● at the request of law enforcement agencies in accordance with applicable law;

● merger or acquisition of a company.


Use of “Robios” LLC Сookies and dot markers. Cookies make it possible to collect the following information about the client: IP address/operating system/browser type/addresses of referring sites. This is necessary to improve the services provided to the company’s client (saving the password on the website when the browser is closed, traffic analysis, etc.) Dot markers are used to graphically display impersonal information about users on the website (counters of visitors/views on the website ). If desired, the client can at any time prevent tracking of his actions by disabling Сookies.


User rights in relation to personal data

All clients of Robios LLC have the opportunity to edit personal data in their personal account. If the user expresses a desire to stop processing his personal data, the client must contact Robios LLC.