Larch oil

Larch oil Concentrate

Scope: cosmetic raw materials for perfume and cosmetic (PC) products. Restriction of input in formulations of PC products – up to 5%. It has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, wound healing properties.

Raw materials used: Extract of crushed wood of Larch Gmelin or Siberian Larch.

Safety: Cosmetic raw material larch oil in the concentration recommended for introduction into the formulation of perfumes and cosmetics (50%), according to indicators of acute toxicity belongs to class 4 of low-hazardous substances (according to the value of acute toxicity (LD50 w/w), exceeding 10 g/kg), has no skin irritating, cutaneous-resorptive, sensitizing effect, has no irritant effect on the mucous membranes of the eyes. It meets the requirements of SanPiN 1.2.681-97 “Hygienic requirements for manufacturing and security of perfumes and cosmetics.

Larch oil produced by Robios is used for enrichment:

  1. Cosmetic creams (masks). When used in creams there is a lifting effect, i.e. smoothing of wrinkles. In addition, it removes acne, improves the complexion. It is recommended to add 2-5% of the volume of the final product.
  2. Detergent shampoos for hair. Introduction to shampoos helps strengthen hair, improve its structure, disappearance of dandruff. It is recommended to add 2-3% of the final product.
  3. Lotions. The use of lotions with cosmetic raw materials Larch oil contributes to deep cleaning of the skin and eliminates the irritating effect (after shaving). It is recommended to add within 2-3% of the volume of the final product.
  4. Oils for massages. The use of massage oils with the presence in the composition of cosmetic raw materials Larch oil, contributes to the overall strengthening of the nervous system due to the presence in it dozens of biologically active components, eliminates the pain of sprains, bruises and sprains. In the process of massage is “soft”, even heating. Color changes of the skin (redness) have not been observed. Can be used in a mixture with any vegetable oil (odorless). It is recommended to add up to 5% of the final product.
  5. Rubbing. Use in therapeutic and prophylactic rubbing helps eliminate painful sensations in rheumatism, arthritis, osteochondrosis. It is recommended to add up to 5% of the final product.
  6. Toothpastes. Effective with porodontosis, stomatitis and gum inflammation. Addition of 0.1-0.2 %

Larch oil is intended for use in perfumes and cosmetics as a source of biologically active active substances: bioflavonoids, resin acids, phytocides, essential oil fractions. One of the most valuable substances in the Larch oil cosmetic raw materials is dihydroquercetin – a natural antioxidant with high anti-radical activity.

Larch oil has been tested at the Labor Medicine Research Center of RAMS, where positive conclusions have been obtained on the use of larch oil in various cosmetic and hygiene products.


Volatile part (volatile):

Monoterpenes – alpha-pinene

Neutral part:

Neutral diterpenes:

Mono-, bi-, and tri-tetracyclic compounds containing various functional groups (hydroxyl, aldehyde, ketone, etc.), mainly bicyclic compounds of the labdane series: epimanol, larixol, larixolacetate, 13-epitorulosol and its acetate. Diterpene acids are tricyclic, unsaturated mostly with two double bonds monocarboxylic acids, classified by the type of carbon skeleton: abietin and pimaran. Levopimaric and palustric acids and dihydroabietic acid dominate.

Trace: Polyfunctional (oxidized – oxygenated) resin acids

It is possible to use Larch oil as an effective hemorrhoidal remedy.