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DHQ in Food Industry

The DHQ (Taxifolin) application in the food industry does not modify organoleptic properties of the food products. Adding to prepacked foods to cause a health benefit as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, works as a natural preservative to improve normal shelf life of food products.

DHQ reduces the lipid peroxidation, with the prolongation of food products shelf life in 1.5 – 4.0 times. The presence of even small amounts of DHQ prevents an “oxidative stress” and also helps to protect the body against free radicals.

Here are a general guidelines for dairy industry, but DHQ can be effectively used for meat industry, confectionery products and many other areas. We have plenty of documents in our library, many of those studies are in russian. Here you see only 5% of what we have. You can also request an information from us and we will try to assist. 


Food productsApplicant’s assumptions of the fat content in the products (%)Use of taxifolin in % by fat massMaximum use levels proposed by the applicant
Cowmilk yogurt, plain100.020.020 g/kg
Cowmilk yogurt with fruits100.020.020 g/kg
Kefir3.20.0250.008 g/kg
Buttermilk20.0250.005 g/kg
Dried milk260.020.052 g/kg
Cream300.0250.070 g/kg
Sour cream200.0250.050 g/kg
Cheese450.020.090 g/kg
Butter820.020.164 g/kg
Chocolate confectionery350.020.070 g/kg
Non-alcoholic beverages0.020 g/L