Robios Llc is preparing to expand its production capabilities. August 2021.

The Robios Llc notes a multiple increase in interest in Dihydroquercetin (also known as Taxifolin) and Arabinogalactan over the past year. This trend was developed with the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic. However, the drivers of such growth are not only COVID-19. There was an overlap of many factors — due to a number of objective reasons, several players left the list of companies capable of producing high-quality DHQ. Robios Llc had to take the customers of these companies and provide them with an uninterrupted supply of these products. At the same time, we note the explosive interest and demand from Western and Eastern countries. Do not forget about the multiple growth of interest in these products in our local Russian market — both in the dietary supplements market and in the functional products sectors. We are faced with the fact that our customers have to wait for products and get on the waiting list.

Objectively assessing the situation, Robios Llc has made serious efforts to increase its production capabilities for the production of high-quality Dihydroquercetin (Taxifolin) and Arabinogalactan. In the very near future, we will have the opportunity to meet the needs of our customers in a very operational format.

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