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Our company has repeatedly talked about the interaction with our Japanese colleagues on the study of the beneficial properties of Dihydroquercetin.

Today we want to share with you several important events that have recently passed or are about to take place:

  1. In April, an international food and beverage exhibition was held in Makuhari Messe (Japan), which, among other things, discussed Dihydroquercetin as a valuable food ingredient for food
  2. In May, another significant event for exporters of food ingredients and additives was held — the international exhibition Ifia Japan 2022 in Tokyo. IFIA makes a huge contribution to the development of the national and international food industry in Japan and focuses primarily on the high quality and benefits of food products. The visitors were offered various components and additives for the production of natural and healthy food (emulsifiers, starch, fats, proteins, etc.), including Dihydroquercetin, which is actively used by food manufacturers to improve the functional characteristics of their products.
  3. And the most important scientific event scheduled for the end of this month is the 22nd annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine in Osaka. It is one of the three leading medical associations in Japan, maybe even the largest. At this conference, distinguished doctors and specialists will speak about the advantages of Dihydroquercetin as an effective component in combating the aging process of the body by maintaining the physiological functions of blood vessels and capillaries, protecting cell membranes, improving the functional state of the cardiovascular system, maintaining blood viscosity within normal limits and improving blood circulation.

The Japanese society is particularly active in studying the problems of aging and regularly conducts clinical and preclinical studies on this topic.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Japan is the center of attraction for specialists studying the issues of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The natural antioxidant Dihydroquercetin is now being considered and actively studied in Japan as an effective anti-age drug. We will keep our readers informed about the research conducted in Japan on this topic.

It is important to say that it was our VitaРост brand Dihydroquercetin, produced by Robios and presented by our strategic partner in Japan, that was presented at all these exhibitions. Only two DHQ producers from Russia were able to enter the Japanese market. It can also be noted that we are planning to conduct preclinical and clinical studies in Japan, but we will not get ahead of ourselves.